The History of SmartLinx

As existing business owners, our founders knew first-hand about the challenges of managing large teams. In 2000, they owned and operated multi-businesses that each employed large and diverse teams. The challenge of managing an optimized, cost-effective staff schedule was growing more and more difficult.

Built Out of Real Business Needs

When a staff scheduler, exasperated by the complexities of scheduling the weekend staff at one of their businesses, was ready to quit, the concepts behind SmartLinx were born …a solution that simplified complex workforce processes, delivered intelligent processing and analytics, and solved real business problems.

SmartLinx Created a New Era in Human Capital Management

From this real world problem, SmartLinx was founded in 2000 and new era in human capital management solutions was created.

More than a decade later, SmartLinx is fulfilling its mission by enabling companies to simplify the management of their human capital through industry-relevant, integrated solutions. Our products have expanded as part of our ongoing mission to create value for clients. Our WorkLinx™ family of products does this by helping clients optimize workforce efficiency and productivity, comply with regulatory and licensing requirements, and avoid unnecessary expense, without compromising the quality of the products and services they deliver.

Supporting the Complete Human Capital Management Lifecycle

Today, our solution suite not only embraces staff schedule optimization, but the complete human capital lifecycle, including time and attendance management, human resources management, payroll processing, in-service licensing management, and business analytics.

In 2005, we invested in bi-directional integration with time clocks, to ensure the information our clients capture via these devices is transparently sent to WorkLinx.

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