Public Sector

Get a single view of your Workforce and HR Truth with SmartLinx.

SmartLinx is a Workforce and HR software leader that successfully partners with numerous Public Sector clients to efficiently and effectively manage and optimize their labor force.

Our fully integrated Workforce and HR management software solutions for the public sector will help your organization simplify the overall business of managing government, address citizen concerns sooner, improve planning and reporting, and maximize both revenue and capital investments.

SmartLinx can help you make sound budget decisions, by delivering real time, and forward looking, deep insights across the entire workforce. Truly optimize your team productivity and minimize the impact of overtime on your budget with the integrated SmartLinx suite of products.

We simplify the complexities involved in managing large or small, diverse, and distributed teams, to help you ensure you deliver the best quality services, without exceeding the budget.

Proactive workforce analytics, automatic processing, real-time schedule issue identification and automatic alerts and notifications are just a few of the SmartLinx suite features that will help you manage and optimize the workforce component of your budget, and comply with regulatory and union-specific requirements.


Empower your workers, no matter where they go. We know that some of your teams may work out in the field or in remote offices. Our solution lets them stay connected with you, no matter where they go. They can place vacation requests, view their work profiles, access schedules and handle many other work-related matters without having to come back to the office. This level of engagement, including ease of use mobility, SMS collaboration, ensure alignment with your employee community.

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