State/Local Government

Get a single view of your Workforce and HR Truth with SmartLinx.

SmartLinx is a Workforce and HR software leader that successfully partners with numerous Public Sector clients to efficiently and effectively manage and optimize their labor force.

Smartlinx Solutions has over 20 years of experience in Schedule and Time management.

Our methodology and systems are unique in their capability to handle extremely complex requirements for items like multiple overlapping schedules, pay rules, shift differentials, required employee certifications, Union restrictions just to name a few.

We also engage employees and support callouts, PTO request balancing, and employee provided additional availability so there is never any impact on quality of service due to illness, weather, or labor actions.

We have a tremendous track record of helping identify and reduce overtime before it happens, reducing compliance risks while maintaining transparency thus saving our state/local government agencies millions of dollars.


Empower your workers, no matter where they go. We know that some of your teams may work out in the field or in remote offices. Our solution lets them stay connected with you, no matter where they go. They can place vacation requests, view their work profiles, access schedules and handle many other work-related matters without having to come back to the office. This level of engagement, including ease of use mobility, SMS collaboration, ensure alignment with your employee community.