Workforce Management Solutions: WorkLinx™

WorkLinx™ is a comprehensive, innovative, and cohesive suite of workforce management solutions that can be rapidly integrated into your existing technology ecosystem.

  • Comprehensive workforce management solution
  • Fully integrated independent products
  • Proactive monitoring, alerts and business analytics
  • Driver of workforce management efficiency and cost savings
WorkLinx Suite

SmartLinx was selected by HRTech Outlook magazine as a 2015 Top 10 Payroll Solutions. From a field of over 50 providers assessed, HR Tech Outlook selected SmartLinx for its WorkLinx Payroll product.

Pivotal in the selection was the solution’s sophisticated capabilities, integration with other key workforce management functions, and its ability to ease workforce management tasks across all HR operations, including payroll setup and processing.

SmartLinx software and time clocks are utilized within thousands of locations, helping clients achieve higher operational efficiencies and gain valuable insights into workforce-related costs and risk management.

Time Clocks/Kiosks

Clocks, kiosks and mobile time punch and workforce management solutions built for the modern workforce. The comprehensive array of SmartLinx time clock/kiosk solutions deliver sophisticated, robust, flexibility …that meets the changing demands of business today.

  • Flexible time management options that enhance the employee experience
  • Robust, sophisticated clocks for organizations of any size and industry
  • Mobile phone punch capability delivers flexibility for employees
  • Online kiosks provide efficiency, within or beyond the office