Payroll-Based Journal Calculator

Calculate the time it would take to perform manual submission of your Payroll-Based Journal data.

What will Manual Data Entry via the CMS QIES system cost you?

If you think entering Payroll-Based Journal data using the CMS QIES system will save your organization money, this calculator may put the actual costs into perspective.

Enter a few simple variables below, and find out how much the DATA ENTRY ALONE will cost you. Then, consider what it will take to actually gather and verify that data, beyond this manual data entry time and cost.

Time is precious. Our integrated, automated Payroll-Based Journal compliance solution can put your quarterly PBJ reports just a few clicks away.

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Now… let’s talk about automating Payroll-Based Journal Data Gathering and Verification:

In addition to the time you’ll need to actually enter data, think about the time and cost to gather, verify and prepare that data prior.

If you don’t automate your processes, you’ll likely spend far more time gathering and verifying, than actually entering data into the  CMS QIES system.

Why not automate the entire process with integrated, accurate data and on-demand CMS-ready reports with SmartLinx the PBJ solution

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