Managing Employee Accruals Through an Automated, Simplified Process

Optimize accounting and management of all of your organization’s accrual policies, across different locations and employee groups, with WorkLinx™ Accruals. Ensure accurate accrual and usage tracking with a solution that’s completely integrated with other products in the WorkLinx suite.

Streamlined accruals management reduces overhead on HR and Payroll and builds employee trust and satisfaction.


Product Highlights

Administer Accrual Policies

Create your accrual policies to drive efficient accrual accounting. Manage accrual rates with a flexible solution to accommodate your company’s specific policies, no matter the complexity. Adjust policy assignments easily as your business needs change and perform year-end maintenance for balance rollovers, payouts, and more.

Gain Actionable Insight

Leverage real-time information across different organizational levels and quickly identify employees requiring policy changes, such as new hires and transfers.

Leverage Seamless Integration

Manage the entire end-to-end process within one platform – from employee time off request and approval, to adjustments to the master schedule, to automated accrual deduction. View relevant information across the WorkLinx suite, including from an employee’s record and timecard.

Report on Accruals Metrics

Determine accrual balances and usage for the entire organization, across any defined time period. View which employees are assigned to specific policies. Plan ahead and better understand your scheduling capacity by quickly determining current balances and planned employee time off.