Practical, Simple, Training Management Software

Keeping track of who received what training, who is certified for what job, who can teach what subject, and what you need to have completed to meet regulatory requirements can be time-consuming, complex, and …overwhelming.

WorkLinx™ Attest is a practical, simple way to manage everything from continuous education to mandatory training/certifications for your entire workforce. Some industries call this In-Service, but regardless of the name it’s all about training management software that makes it easy to schedule employees for training, track their attendance, and manage your compliance goals with a single integrated solution.


Product Highlights

Manage Courses

Use Attest to create and manage a catalog of mandatory and ad-hoc courses.

Manage Students

Quickly add your employees to a course, individually or as a group, from a predefined list of employees.

Manage Instructors

With one click, add, edit, and delete instructors, as your training needs change.

Track training/certification compliance

View a catalog of all courses, their associated requirements and time frames.

Scheduling Employees for Training

When you schedule courses within Attest, they will automatically show up on your employees schedules. Training is easily integrated in their daily activities.

At-a-Glance Dashboard Management

View all scheduled courses, attendance records, and usage statistics on our easy-to-use dashboards. Have all the information you need, at any time.