Use SmartLinx Workforce Analytics to drive strategic business decisions.

Business leaders realize the benefits of using SmartLinx advanced Workforce Analytics to gain insights into business processes in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Data that previously took days or weeks to gather and assemble from a vast array of non-integrated internal databases created volumes of raw data that made analysis a complex, unreliable task.

SmartLinx Workforce Analytics improve the value of your fact-based source data, allowing you to create a more complete picture of your workforce giving your executive team the critical information necessary to make decisions that drive business success and positive outcomes.

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Product Highlights

Report on Employee Turnover
Quickly view your employee turnover statistics, by location or at the corporate level, to ensure your workforce-related decisions are well informed.

Time Analytics
View how the time is being utilized at the organizational level between working time, paid time off, absences and more. Gain insight, draw conclusions and make changes to be more efficient and consistent.

Budgeted Positions
Establish your budgets for the entire organization in order to forecast staffing needs and manage your workforce more effectively.

Pay Rates by Position
Analyze your operational expense by looking at average pay rates as well as pay rate ranges. Make adjustments, as needed, based on the information at hand.

Product Highlights

Utilization Reporting
Monitor and review work utilization for your entire organization across multiple time periods. Review regular versus overtime hours, overtime percentages, schedule deviations and more. Quickly identify problem areas and the appropriate course of action.

Projected Hours
View scheduled and projected hours for all employees. Identify potential overtime situations and avoid them before they occur.

User Monitoring
Monitor and control users logged in to the WorkLinx solution for one or more locations, centrally.

Time Clock/Kiosk Status
View the status of your time clocks/kiosks across the entire organization. Gain a consolidated view of all clocks/kiosks across all locations, without having to reach each of them separately.

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