Business Analytics

When you see the big picture, you get the little things right. From monitoring labor in real time to gaining insight around operational efficiency and compliance, we make sure your view is always clear.

Instant visibility
Understand how it all comes together

Liberate your data from outdated silos. We’ll make it easy for you to see exactly how your costs come together across time and attendance, payroll, and more—in real-time, not days or weeks.

Relevant metrics
Make sense of your data

Data without insight is useless. That’s why we’ll automatically calculate metrics such as projected overtime and under-staffing—and alert you before the fact, not afterward. Plus, you can set your own criteria for whatever metrics you need to run your business.

High-level insights
Bring more power to the boardroom

How can we work more efficiently? Improve our bottom line? You and your management team need to know, and now you can – instantly. From the enterprise level down to the individual level, we’ll illuminate cost-saving opportunities hiding right under your nose.

SmartLinx has allowed us to refine and improve how we manage our largest expense - labor cost.

Norman Snowberger
CFO, Lorien Health Systems

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