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  • Corporate Planning
    & Control System

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    • • View staffing information for the entire organization, region, or facility and complete a drill down search to find the exact information you are looking for.

      • Compare budgeted to actual census, as well as budgeted hours to scheduled hours.

      • Monitor the use of any non-standard incentive pay rates, and drill down to locate users assigning an excessive amount.

  • Product Description

    • The Corporate Planning and Control System was designed to provide senior management with the ability to view and control the entire organization’s staffing expenses, and to compare them to budgeted expectations. This includes the ability to compare to census-based planning data across user defined time periods.

      At every point in this application, you have the capacity to ‘drill-down’ to the next layer of detail. You can see labor expense information from a bird’s eye view, and then narrow it down to a single employee’s shift.

      Users also benefit from the compare option, which allows you to review a currently selected period against a similar past period. For example, two 28-day periods from consecutive months can be compared, or this year’s holiday season can be compared to last year’s data.

      Corporate Panning and Control will help you assure that the right people are in the right place, at the right time.

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