Mobile Employee Self-Service

Enhancing the Employee Experience

Empower your employees with direct, anytime access to the employment information and functions they need. From punching in online and requesting time off, to looking at a pay stub — it can all be accomplished by employees independently through the WorkLinx™ intuitive Employee Self-Service product.

Available from wherever your staff needs access — desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

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Product Highlights

Employee Web and Mobile Punches

In addition to our time clocks/kiosks punch, your employees can use the Employee Self-Service product to punch in and out for their daily tasks. Whether it’s located on a terminal in your building, or they are accessing it remotely, you can be sure they have the tools to be on schedule and you can provide quality service.

Timecard View

Empower your employees with the ability to review their timecard accuracy directly and certify that it is correct.

View Schedule

Provide employees with fast, direct access to their most up to date schedule, so they’re always on time and on the job.

Request Time-Off

Allow your employees to request PTO directly from the Employee Self-Service product. View the history of all requests, as well as the corresponding action — whether approved or denied — all in one place.

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Submit Availability

Let your employees provide their work availability in advance and be able to fill a slot in a matter of minutes, without additional communication.

View Paystubs

In conjunction with the WorkLinx Payroll product, your employees can view and print their Paystubs directly from Employee Self Service. More information for them, fewer worries for you.


Enable all employees to subscribe to the notifications they want to receive on their mobile devices, so they can be more productive.

Accrual Balances

Let your employees plan their time with direct mobile views of their accrual balances, providing more information for workforce managers.

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