Human Resources

Human Resources Management Software that delivers your single-source of the Employee truth.

SmartLinx HR gives your company the ability to manage all of your employee “Master Employee Records” information, documents, licenses, labor, policy, injury forms, reviews, career advancements, time, leave and absence, pay, and all data related to each employee. SmartLinx HR will automate and simplify how you manage employee data to ensure accuracy, a single-source of the employee truth, keeps your HR, Leadership, and Managers informed at all times.

Human Resources

No more countless paper files. Store all employee data electronically in SmartLinx HR.

Stay on top of Affordable Care Act compliance by monitoring whether your benefit plan is meeting government requirements.

Proactively manage when your employees will be on leave of absences, so you can plan your staffing needs accordingly.

Track and analyze all of your workers' compensation information. View who is currently on leave and for what reason, review incident history and generate OSHA reports.

Now you can track which of the company property has been loaned to your employees to ensure your inventory is always up-to-date.

Create and receive alerts based on various criteria. Use the system proactively to let you know when an action needs to be taken.