SmartLinx Payroll simplifies payroll management and compliance

Payroll and paying your employees is the highest of priority for every business.

SmartLinx Payroll is an Award-Winning solution that reduces human intervention, payroll errors, and eliminates a significant amount of frustration in managing payroll.

We provide regulatory reporting, end year reports and W2’s, and stay in compliance with the Affordable Care Act requirements.

Payroll Management

Set a schedule for a year and allowing override for special circumstances, import capabilities for special earning or deductions, and to process off-cycle payroll, run checks for the same pay cycle, and report at all organizational levels.

Include special hours and dollar accumulators to accurately calculate various earnings. Unlimited deductions may be established, including but not limited to 401K plan, pre-tax medical deductions, Health Savings Accounts, special accumulators and more. All the calculations are based on various methods such as flat dollar amount, one time overrides, and other standard formulas. All tax processing for employee and employer is in compliance with federal, state and local taxes.

SmartLinx Payroll supports multiple interfaces to other provider systems, including those from benefit carriers, HSA account servicers, the Health and Welfare Benefits Administration, and life insurance carriers. We support the import of payments, deductions, employee data, general ledger, and more.

SmartLinx Payroll offers extensive reporting capabilities. From tax reports including, Federal 941, 940, and W2, to a host of standard reports. These include reports on the payroll register, current and historical deductions in arrears as well as employee pay and benefit history.