Schedule Optimizer

Save Time & Money with Schedule Optimization Software

With SmartLinx Schedule Optimizer, you are in control of staffing with an easy-to-use, proven, and innovative solution. You can build and optimize staff schedules in minutes. In addition, you can manage absence and time off requests, put the right person on the right job, meet your regulatory compliance needs, predict overtime to both optimize and control labor costs. Staff properly, each and every shift, and gain a permanent scheduling advantage with SmartLinx Schedule Optimizer.

Schedule Optimization Software

Reduce the amount of time you spend scheduling by up to 85%

  • Communicate instantly with staff & manage call outs and replacements with availability pools and simple text messaging with confirmation
  • Avoid overtime to reduce costs with predictive overtime controls
  • Stay within budget and mitigate risk with labor budget management
  • For Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing, Hospitals, staff safely based on patient and resident acuity and census with online scheduling

Backup and Restore Schedule

  • Schedule Reporting and Distribution
  • Manage Schedules Around Regulatory Requirement
  • Manage Secondary Positions for Employees
  • Set and Manage Rotations
  • Daily Schedule Views
  • Manage Personal Time Off