Time and Attendance

Always know which employees and staff are in your facilities, and on the job

Gathering attendance information, monitoring overtime and ensuring your pay policy rules are maintained are just a few of the tedious tasks you may spend too much time on daily.

With SmartLinx Time and Attendance solutions, your rules for punching in by location, position, shift, scheduled time, and up to date certifications, are enforced and recorded. You have a complete real time and historical view of all employees, full-time, or contingent employees, who work in your facilities and locations.

Time and Attendance Software from SmartLinx

Product Highlights

Recording of employee time punches for an accurate picture of staffing at all times and performance against schedule.

Timecard Processing and Editing for approval, adjustments, to ensure accuracy and time reduction to process proper payroll.

Manage Overtime by monitoring arrivals and departures, proper shift changes, and overtime situations are kept in check with proactive notifications.

Adjust Schedule to actual worked time, whether from the SmartLinx time clocks or mobile punches, completely integrated and automated to ensure the schedule accurately reflects the time worked.

Prevent Buddy Punching and other time theft.

Record time exceptions and absences, automatically record and track any deviations from the original schedule

  • Automated processing for shift or pay policy differentials set up shift, rotation and pay policy rules in the system.
  • Time ledger snapshot view where you can replay the entire punch sequence to investigate time discrepancies.
  • Derive time and attendance insight for an efficient workforce.
  • Eliminate Paper
  • Inform workforce planning decisions, by leveraging our time and attendance dashboard of key workforce indicators.
  • Proactively manage your team with key information, including employee turnover, positions driving the most overtime, average hours by position and how often time punches are being manually corrected.