Workforce Time Clocks for the modern world

Employees today need advanced workforce time clocks systems that support new work patterns. Whether employees are on the go, working in remote locations, or centered in traditional office environments, providing easy to use flexibility throughout the worker experience is key to productivity.

The comprehensive array of SmartLinx Solutions™ time clock/kiosk solutions deliver sophisticated, robust, flexibility …that meets the changing demands of business today. Made in the USA

Time Clocks

Learn how to better manage meal break compliance programs with SmartLinx Time Clocks, download the How To Avoid a Meal Break Lawsuit WORKSHEET.

SLX 5500

  • Enterprise support, with extensive capability and reliability.
  • Easy to use, interactive, and fully integrated with the WorkLinx™ product suite.

SLX Web Punch

  • Improving access to information that’s critical to your employees.
  • Web-based ability to punch in and out, complementary to the clock.
  • Allows employees to keep their personal information accurate and provides up to date schedule information.
  • Can be installed as a kiosk in the building.

SLX Phone Punch

  • Employees call-in to punch in from remote locations
  • Control “buddy punching” by white-listing phone numbers
  • Eliminates the need for paperwork