Payroll-Based Journal Refresher Course

$150 per personIn response to client demand, we are introducing a Payroll-Based Journal Refresher course to help customers ensure that they are confident and ready to meet CMS’s upcoming May 15th mandatory submission deadline for 2017 Q1.

We will be offering a special package covering the fundamentals of Time & Attendance data capture, preparation of data, and finally submission to CMS. This package includes a live, two-hour instructor-led training course as well as a one-hour Q&A session with you and your team to ensure that you have everything you need to successfully submit.

This training is performed in your environment to enable our training team to help you best understand how to prepare for and meet the CMS submission deadline while reviewing real data.

Topics include:

  • Reviewing your PBJ configuration and ensuring key elements, such as CMS PBJ job categories, are configured correctly
  • Reviewing the data flow from Time & Attendance to the PBJ solution and validating that expected hours appear within the CMS XML
  • Best practices for: handling agency employees, handling salaried employees’ hours for administrative duties
  • Walkthrough of the process of generating an XML and submission to CMS

Providing compassionate care is your priority; that’s why we make meeting CMS’s regulatory compliance guidelines easy. This training will help ensure that PBJ submission goes easily and you can focus attention on your residents.

We expect demand for this training to be high so if you’re interested in signing up, please Contact Us and we’ll get you started!

Thank you,

The SmartLinx Training Team