Author: Cindy Volkmann, Director, Solutions Consulting SmartLinx

Oriol Health CareHow are today’s long-term care organizations successfully optimizing talent while addressing day to day operating requirements? Oriol Health Care, a Massachusetts-based long-term care organization with over 200 beds serves as an example of what is possible. They have succeeded in addressing regulatory reporting requirements and achieving operational efficiencies while optimizing their workforce management solutions to deliver the highest levels of quality patient care.

It starts with an engaged and optimized workforce
Oriol Health Care has a highly engaged and dedicated team of care providers focused on quality patient care. While that’s a big advantage in a field where employee turnover can be a challenge, it doesn’t eliminate the need for systems designed to optimize the workforce in alignment with the corporate mission.

Workforce management and regulatory reporting
Like many long-term care organizations, Oriol was faced with the need to submit new regulatory reports including Payroll-Based Journal Reporting (PBJ) for CMS. One of the key PBJ challenges they faced — how to use existing HR, Payroll and Time Tracking systems to submit a successful payroll based journal report to CMS. A task they realized was not going to be feasible.

Moving forward with new technology
Oriol recognized that their existing time tracking, HR, payroll and scheduling solutions were no longer meeting their business needs – lacking in usability, limited scheduling features and without PBJ reporting capabilities. Legacy systems were unable to provide the desired reporting and analytics from a single repository of real-time data.

Labor costs were 85% of operating expenses
When Oriol Health Care considered that labor costs made up 85% of their operating expenses, they realized that it was an area where a best-in-class workforce management solution was essential.

Oriol began an in-depth evaluation of market trends and competing workforce management products and ultimately chose SmartLinx as their next generation solution for HR, payroll, time and attendance, scheduling and Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting.

Oriol’s key criteria for selecting new HR, Payroll, Scheduling and Time Tracking Solution included:

  • An integrated workforce management solution on a single platform including HR, payroll, scheduling and time tracking
  • A solution that was custom-built for the long-term care industry
  • A robust scheduling solution
  • A vendor that had a proven track record with successful PBJ submissions
  • The ability to calculate department level PPD based on actual census data

Reducing overtime costs by 25%
After the SmartLinx implementation, one area of return on investment for Oriol was a 25% reduction in overtime costs. According to Beth Cogavin, CFO of Oriol Health Care, “SmartLinx has met and exceeded our expectations! Within three months of going live we have cut more than 25% of our overtime spend and now have visibility to manage our facilities and staff to our operational standards.” The ability to view real-time data also allowed Oriol to staff according to census and need.

Driving employee engagement and business success
What started as a project to submit Payroll Based Journal reports to CMS evolved into a workforce transformation with enhanced business outcomes including significant operating cost savings.

Are you optimizing your workforce to deliver business results?
Are there untapped areas of cost savings and operational efficiency? Are you delivering optimal patient care with your existing talent? Have you successfully submitted a payroll-based journal report to CMS? These are just a few of the questions to consider as you evaluate your HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance needs.

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