Making great decisions is the key to running your business. By illuminating the data that predicts overtime, eliminates staffing shortages and ensures compliance, SmartLinx Spotlight lights the way to better performance.

Instant visibility
See how it all comes together

Without accurate data, the big picture is out of focus. SmartLinx Spotlight makes it easy to see how your business is running across your workforce — in real-time, not days or weeks.

Relevant metrics
Make better decisions with data

Data without insight is useless. That’s why we’ll automatically calculate metrics such as projected overtime and under-staffing—even across sites. You’ll see how you can work more efficiently and improve the bottom line.

Unleash your data
Bring more power to the people

Every leader craves great data. From Managers to the C-Suite, SmartLinx Spotlight puts the power in your hands. Create and share reports, design your own visualizations, and tailor your data just the way you need it to run your business.

You’re able to predict growth and what the expense to that growth is going to be, when you can see what’s going on in all your campus levels."

Barbara Dimercurio
SVP and Chief Nursing Officer, Trilogy Health Services

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