Employee Self-Service

What if you could give your people more transparency, while making it easy to schedule shifts? That’s the magic of the SmartLinx mobile ESS app.

Mobile features
Power to your people

Give staff and managers peace of mind. Anytime, anywhere, the app gives employees the power to:

  • Submit their availability and request time off
  • See their schedule, pay stubs, accrual balances, and timecards
  • Punch in and out

Clear communication
Connect with your staff

Communicate efficiently and effectively to keep employees engaged. From push notifications to streamlined schedule management, ensure your staff always feels valued, in the know, and part of the team.

Fill open shifts
Unlock your people's potential

Help everyone get to work at the right time, even when schedules change. Always up-to-date schedules mean employees miss less time—and your business stays fully staffed.

"The SmartLinx ESS app is really ahead of the game. Employees like looking at all the features and knowing that they have control of their own personal profile."

Arthur Cooperburg
Vice President of Finance, Cassena Care

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