Human Resources

Our HRMS integrates with the SmartLinx solutions suite to centralize all the information you need—so you can focus on people, not stacks of paperwork.

Employee information
Centralize HR data and streamline your workflows

Find exactly what you need in an instant. All your employee info is securely stored in one place—from documents and licenses to PTO and performance reviews—and compliance is easier than ever.

Intuitive analysis
Track, analyze, and act on employee data

Always know who’s working, identify trends over time, and locate company property at any time. SmartLinx makes it simple to set up alerts for your custom criteria, so you can act on new info fast.

Integrated ATS
Sync with ATS to follow employees from candidates to colleagues

Make interviewing, hiring, and onboarding easy with SmartLinx’s Applicant Tracking System integration. Our software guides you from job postings to initial phone screens to onboarding, while automated WOTC processing can save you thousands of dollars every year.

Automated accruals
Manage, administer, and measure employee leave policies

Never lose track of an employee’s remaining days off again. SmartLinx’s HR solution makes it a snap to administer leave policies and manage every employee’s balance of PTO, sick leave, and vacation days—all in one place.

SmartLinx is an integrated system. Schedule talks to Time and Attendance, and Time and Attendance talks to Payroll. Applicant Tracking talks to HR. And then it all rolls up to your Business Analytics. The data is at your fingertips."

Beth Cogavin
Chief Financial Officer, Oriol Health Care

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