Retail and Hospitality

Exceptional service matters more than ever

How can you stand out  in today’s increasingly crowded and rapidly evolving retail and hospitality industries? By delivering an exceptional customer experience. But you can’t focus on providing next-level service if you don’t have an efficient and cost-effective way of managing your staff. That’s where SmartLinx comes in.

We’ll free you up to wow your customers

All your daily workforce management tasks get simpler with SmartLinx. From making time and attendance, payroll, and HR tasks run smoother, to generating data-driven insights that help you reduce costs and eliminate wasted time, we break down the barriers preventing your workforce from being its best.

We’re your partner, not just your vendor.

Our support consultants are on call to help you navigate every challenge with expertise. We are recognized as industry thought leaders and empathetic advisors.

Work faster, leaner, and smarter
with our help.

Optimize your workflows and liberate your staff to deliver stunning service.

Labor cost

Run your operation efficiently and sustainably by creating the ideal schedule daily.

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Streamlined operations

Manage complex 24-hour shifts, payroll, time tracking, and much more with speed, ease, and accuracy.

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Employee engagement

Engaged employees provide exceptional service. Give them tools to better connect with their work.

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Take the complexity and stress out of compliance through data and automation.

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Hiring and

Find great talent in your area, onboard them quickly, and schedule them in no time.

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Let’s empower your staff to impress your customers

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