Hospitals and Health Systems

The stakes are getting higher for healthcare

Change is rippling through the healthcare industry. Staffing shortages, increased competition, pay-for-performance, and the rising focus on patient experience—there’s a lot to keep up with. We can help. From automating compliance tasks to using data to reduce costs, let us lighten your load so you can focus on delivering exceptional patient outcomes.

We’ll liberate you to focus on your patients

Everything about SmartLinx enables quality care. Your daily scheduling, payroll, and HR tasks are streamlined and automated. Your staff is better connected through a single, easy-to-use hub. And data that can improve patient outcomes and the overall patient experience is at your fingertips, not stuck in silos.

We're your partner, not just your vendor

Just like doctors and nurses are on call for their patients, we’re on call for you. Our customer support specialists are at-the-ready to help you navigate every challenge with expertise. We are recognized as industry thought leaders and empathetic advisors.

Empowering you to deliver the best care possible

Work faster, simpler, and smarter with SmartLinx.

Scheduling made simple

Create the ideal schedule daily, juggle multiple shifts, and put more power firmly in your team’s hands.

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Streamlined operations

From payroll to time tracking, manage daily tasks in a single console that coordinates multiple departments and facilities.

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Employee engagement

Provide your team with tools to develop a more connected, communicative, and empowered workforce.

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Workforce compliance

Avoid short-staffing penalties and keep up with regulatory reporting through the power of automation.

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Staff performance

Gain data-driven insights on how to optimize staff performance, leading to reduced readmissions and improved patient outcomes.

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Let's break down the barriers to better patient outcomes

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