Manufacturing is changing. We’ll help you change with it.

Today’s manufacturing landscape looks nothing like it did yesterday. Or will look tomorrow. Global connectivity, the Internet of Things, and the rise of Industry 4.0 are forcing manufacturers to become more automated, dynamic, and efficient to stave off competition and stay one step ahead. We can help you do all that, and more.

Our products make everyday work, work better.

With SmartLinx, you can build speed and intelligence into virtually every facet of your daily operations. From streamlining time and attendance, payroll, and HR tasks to generating data-driven insights to improve productivity and drive on-time delivery of high-quality goods and services, we break down barriers that prevent your workforce from being its best.

We’re your partner, not just your vendor.

Our support consultants are on call to help you navigate every challenge with expertise. We are recognized as thought leaders and empathetic advisors.

Elevate your operation at every turn.

Work faster, leaner, smarter, and more profitably.

Labor cost

Create the ideal shift schedule daily, reduce overtime, and avoid over- or under-staffing.

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Streamlined operations

Reduce your carbon footprint with automated, sustainable workflows and manage all your scheduling, payroll, time tracking, and more from a single, easy-to-use solutions suite.

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Access tools to develop a more connected, communicative, and empowered workforce.

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Workforce compliance

Take the complexity out of compliance and risk management with the power of data and automation.

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Discover new ways to increase productivity and efficiency using real-time analytics.

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Let’s future-proof your operation

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