SmartLinx: Workforce Management Solutions

SmartLinx provides a complete end-to-end Workforce & HR suite of solutions that streamline operations, increase efficiency, eliminate unnecessary labor expense, and reduce compliance risk.

We do this so you can focus on serving your customers.


Know the real-time operational, financial, people facts about your business. Anytime, anywhere, with a single touch or click.

Human Resources

Easily manage HR, scheduling, time, absence, labor compliance, and payroll processes with SmartLinx. Real time solutions, fact-based answers for your workforce.

Finance and Payroll

The needs of the CFO, Finance, and Payroll departments are ever-increasing with high visibility, high impact, and a must for disciplined execution.



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Take Your Jobs To The People Onboard New Staff Into Your Culture, Employer Brand, With Amazing Results

SmartLinx Applicant Tracking and Onboarding solution allow your organization to engage, attract, acquire, and onboard top talent to gain a competitive advantage. Great companies are built by great people. Win the war for talent, stay compliant, and elevate your employer brand with SmartLinx Applicant Tracking and Onboarding solutions.

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  • Easy apply and great candidate experience
  • Video Interviewing to extend your brand reach
  • Improved efficiency of recruiters and hiring managers
  • Best and top fit talent hired faster at the lowest cost
  • Extensive job board integration
  • Worker Opportunity Tax Credits
  • Onboard & Improve time to value, revenue, service, for your new employees
  • Eliminate all Management risk


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An HR & Payroll Solution that simplifies managing employees & paying them accurately and on time

We understand why HR and Payroll are important, but why spend hours every day with paper, broken processes and complex payroll processing? SmartLinx HR & Payroll Solutions automate, streamline and simplify how you manage and pay your workforce.

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  • Payroll Processing
  • Earnings / Deductions / Taxes
  • Pay Distribution
  • Data Interface
  • Reporting
  • Data Accessibility


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The best scheduling and labor time management solution on the planet! Stay in control, manage & cut costs, and stay compliant.

SmartLinx Scheduling and Time Management Solutions are proven in more than 4,000 locations across the United States. Experience and success matters and our approach to partnership and service drive positive business outcomes for your organization.

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  • Avoid overtime to reduce costs with predictive overtime controls
  • Stay within budget and mitigate risk with labor budget management
  • Manage Schedules Around Regulatory Requirement
  • Set and Manage Rotations
  • Daily Schedule Views
  • Manage Personal Time Off
  • Restrict Access Based on Schedules
  • Restrict Access for lapsed licenses and certifications
  • Know what employees are in your facilities at all times


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The details around the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting, Payroll Based Journal, I9’s, FLSA, EEOC and OFCCP, are complicated – are you prepared for all of the regulations and the paperwork involved? Many Federal Laws and compliance regulations are changing.

SmartLinx will help your company remain compliant with simple to use solutions that handle extremely complex processes for managing key Workforce and Labor compliance laws.

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  • ACA accuracy and automated reporting for 1095C, 1094 requirements
  • Accurate and complete Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) reporting and submission to CMS
  • Electronic I9 Management and Storage, with Everify
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission & OFCCP reporting
  • Federal Labor Standards Act & Overtime Management


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Say so long to guesswork and hello to your data, your way!

SmartLinx provides your organization with Business Analytics and reporting that eliminate the need for paper, spreadsheets, multiple spreadsheets from multiple vendor systems, and gives an accurate, clear picture of your Workforce, by location, by facility, by employee, by department, by position, 24/7/365. No more trying to figure out where the problems are after payroll runs and expensive overtime. No more looking in the rear view mirror or digging out of a ditch. Your Workforce data, end-to-end, your way, simple, accurate, to drive positive business outcomes!

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  • Make smarter, faster decision, with fact-based, real-time data. Present, past, future insight into your workforce.
  • Discover and uncover hidden opportunities in your business data to improve efficiences and cut labor costs
  • Work better together and shorten reaction times to solve Workforce problems
  • Take action, anywhere, anytime with accurate insights that help optimize your labor force


Childress Regional Medical Center
Oriol Health Care
Trilogy Health Services
Cassena Care

2016 Customer Service
of the Year

2016 Company
of the Year

Named Among NY/NJ
Business Leaders

What Our Clients Say About Us

“SmartLinx has met and exceeded our expectations! Within three months of going live we cut more than 28% of our overtime spend and now have visibility to manage our facilities and staff to our operational standards. Parker Jewish has been a successful & satisfied SmartLinx client for more than 5 years. They are a true partner.”

Michael Rosenblut
President & CEO
Parker Jewish Institute

“We were impressed with the ease at which the SmartLinx mobile solution enhanced our current scheduling processes. Empowering our workforce to manage their schedules regardless of where they are has improved efficiencies and employee satisfaction across our team.”

Todd Schmiedeler
Senior Vice President, Employee Services
Trilogy Health Services

“SmartLinx has met and exceeded our expectations! Within three months of going live we have cut more than 25% of our overtime spend and now have visibility to manage our facilities and staff to our operational standards.”

Beth Cogavin
Chief Financial Officer
Oriol Health Care

Partner with SmartLinx and improve your organization’s productivity, efficiency and have greater visibility across the board. Request a demo with our consultants now.